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Welcome to GDEC!

Thank you for your interest in our company. We're incredibly excited to welcome you to the ranks of the Global Dragon Egg Conservation! 

  • Journal each day with the Dragon Eggs you've been given to take care of. 
  • Use a deck of cards to randomly generate story prompts, such as egg elements and preferred nesting materials!
  • Overcome adversity and grow along with your eggs!
  • Watch your beautiful babies fly away knowing you've done something amazing.

This was a quick game idea I had and wanted to throw onto paper. Total time: 1 day. It's not fancy, it doesn't look like much but it's a lot of fun. I enjoyed the prompts when I played, and I hope you do the same. Enjoy a wholesome game!

Have fun writing! I hope this helps you get some of those creative juices flowing.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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I've not yet played it with my kids, but I'm struggling to print it!

Is there a way to print without the background?? If not, I'd suggest that would be awesome. Or even just a b/w copy after the colour copy so people have the option...

Hello! Thanks for your interest, and I hope you get to play it soon!

I went to check and see if I could pull up my old projects and get rid of the backgrounds only to discover I've lost my old projects in a computer swap! :( You should be able to take this copy and grayscale it in print options, but i'll keep trying to find the old file!

Is this game only available as a download or can I get a physical copy?


unfortunately it’s only pdf but I’m honored you’d want a physical copy!!

Such a cute little game, and a nice break from games that centre heavier, more emotional topics. Easy to understand and easy to play - thank you!

thank you for playing and for the nice words!

I tried out GDEC with my 4 year old where I read the prompts and helped write down his thoughts, and we had a blast!  A link to my full review on the TTRPGkids site is below, and this is a great all ages game that fosters compassion and creativity!



Thank you so much for the love and support. You’re amazing


Found this game by chance and decided to give it a try.
Very small booklet, it's just the 6 prompts, and they're very well laid out to spark creativity.
I personally played through with only one egg instead of three, to make it easier to implement in my daily routine. After the 6 days, Columbus (my 1st egg) has become very dear to me. I enjoyed the first playthrough a lot, and plan to continue playing for a good bit (some people even suggested I make a bestiary out of my entries!).
My only "critique" is that the last prompt, the hatching, was... a bit lacking? All the days come with a series of questions to spark creativity, except the last.

Wonderful, lovely game. Feels cozy to play alone, and also somewhat intimate when you share it with someone.

Thank you for making it.

Thank you so much for the feedback. I’d love to update this game with more prompts or to fix the final one as it does feel lackluster


I got this game as a part of  the solo but not alone bundle, and just played it today, with the help of my child. 

We enjoyed it, we drew and coloured in our eggs; two fire eggs and a plant egg, and scared away hungry velociraptors who wanted to eat our eggs.  I had fun, it was a good length of time to play, and the prompts mean that when I play this alone, I should end up with some totally different dragons. 


Glad you had a good time! Thanks for supporting the bundle, the money went to an awesome cause. 

Hungry velociraptors! Whoah! Glad the 3 eggs had such awesome conservationists protecting them! 

Thank you so much for leaving a comment. :) It really means a lot!